Gate Access System

Intercom systems allow you to identify any person attempting to gain access to your home or business, and easily accept or deny them. We offer a wide range of intercom systems, from very simple front door intercoms right through to sophisticated IP video intercoms. These are suitable for both residential homes and businesses.

The intercom system has a lock release button which allows you to open the electric gate or release the front door lock using the intercom or app on your phone.

Solutions include audio control systems, which allow you to speak to a visitor before enabling access. Our systems can be fitted in private homes, blocks of flats or at commercial locations and offices.

Visual control systems can also be placed in homes, offices or commercial premises. They provide the extra security of being able to see, as well as hear callers to the building.

The system can be supplied by cable, fixed line or by a GSM wireless solution, whichever serves your purposes best.